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For the pin-up of February we have Ciri! It was tricky to get a working concept for her but I really liked the result. Hope you guys like it as well!

Also, don't forget to check her portrait version =)

Cirilla by krysdecker

If you like my work, you can always support it at . You get can get: 
- high-res version
- the original PSD with all layers
- progress stages of the image
- NSFW preview

Ciri NSFW Preview by krysdecker

If you want to follow me on other social media:…

If you are interested in getting my previous work, you can find it at:
Smokey Request By Salysaboxface-dawb88a
name: Max Monsalve *the nickname he goes by in the zombie apocalypse is smokey*



weight:160 pounds *with armor 200

height 5.8 ft

Species: human

Gender: male

Orientation: straight

jobs: was a mechanic before the apocalypse

Friends/Allies: grizzly…

equipment: tapanga machete, has a bullet vest under his motorcycle jacket, has a reinforced aluminum baseball bat, 12 gauge shotgun that he found in a police station ,he has a dirt bike that he takes after he killed a small grope of raider and a fire shard that he found from a dead elite phantom backup soldier. the smoke knight is like a mix of crusader armor and spartan armor from halo. has Omar's long sword. BTW the armor pic is coming soon

Abilities: snake eyes speeds reaction time for a better aiming with his gun for a small time 5-10 sec, the fire shard adsorbed the elite phantom backup armor, the armor plating is Damascus steel and under the plating is Graphene. graphene is like stronger Kevlar. he can summon the armor but it uses a lot of energy. because he wasn't trained to handle the armor. but later on he gets more experience with the armor. he call the armor smokey Knight. he can create fire to burn / disintegrate enemies. He can absorb fire to make his fire blast stronger, he can dodge bullets for a second or two, or a swing a melee weapon faster and stronger. smokey can hear adead knight's voice in his head. The knight is the previous owner who died in battle but was absorbed into the stone in the suit. the knight is called Omar he can control parts of the armor and can help smokey in battle. Omar has been teaching smokey how to use the armor properly and is teaching smokey how to use the fire shard

weaknesses: the armor can take a lot of damage but that doesn't make him invincible. the force of the impact from the bullets can still rupture organs or break his bones depending how much people are shooting him and what caliber the bullet is. the blank ability has a downside. when using it too mush without letting it cool down it becomes unstable. If he uses it while it's unstable he might teleport into a wall and die, thrown him into a different dimension or misplace/ destroy his organs. when he is in rage mode he fights more wildly leaving a lot of opportunities for enemies to strike him



agility: 7 with armor 4

defense:5 with armor 7


speed:6 with armor:4



melee weapons: 7

guns 4

fire stone power: 6

likes/hobby: burning random stuff, kill zombies and raider, helping survivors, riding his dirt bike, smoking weed to pass the time, training with the smokey knight armor, talk with Omar

hates: zombies,fish, Jeff the killer slender man,proxy, *BTW the proxy have slipped into his dimension and are causing a lot of  problems. and wants to send them back to where they came from to protect his universe. even if it means taking down their leader and he knows its going to be a very hard thing to do* losing Friends/love ones 

backstory: coming soon

thank you SalysaBoxface for drawing smokey
Thank you so much for drawing my oc thank you
A request I did for :iconodst04: I drew his O.C named Smokey.
I got to say this, this is one is the most complicated pieces I have worked on it took me weeks to finish it. I am very proud of myself that I have made this.
happy cry XD happy cry XD happy cry XD happy cry XD happy cry XD 


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